Prime Minister of Belgium is searching for a solution against terrorism.



“On the internet, You can find Anything!”


NewsToon: Pope shares answer!




for the English crowd.

Pope answers to question from 12-year old girl.

Girl: “Why does God allow children to be prostitutes?”

Pope: “To prepare them to be an acolyte!”


#Belgium Prepares Army

Since the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris was brutally attacked by terrorists, the whole world started drawing, yelling, cursing, marching.

As a tribute to the Charlie Hebdo victims, I started drawing some newstoons.

“Never Stop Laughing, Never stop drawing!”

Stay tuned for more NewsToons,


Palomino BLACKWING Review

Drawing like skating on ice!” SASK420
Ever since I held one of these I wanted to write a blog about these legendary pencils.
The Palomino Blackwing Pencils are a modernized edition of the iconic Eberhard Faber Blackwing pencils.
These were born way back in the 1930’s  and disappeared from the stores in 1998.
Users of the pencils searched the web and were paying around $40,00 on eBay for one single piece of these pencils.
I thought they were crazy! But I can understand now.

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